Unbelievable Facts About Nick Bosa



Nick Bosa’s nickname is Smaller Bear and his brother’s nickname is Bigger Bear.

Image Credit: San Francisco Chronicle

Football has been the first love of Nick’s family. His father and uncle played for the Dolphins in the 80s.

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Nick’s brother Joey Bosa is also a football player, he has been in the top 100 players of 2022 in the NFL.

Image Credit: San Francisco Chronicle

On Nick’s 15th birthday, He was called by OSU’s Coach Urban Meyer to offer him a spot on the team.

Nick’s parents told him to play every sport, He played tennis, golf, soccer, basketball, and baseball, and eventually, he chose football.

He told his mom he would DIE if he didn’t play football.

The estimated net worth of Nick Bosa is around 24 million dollars.

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