A Student Shot 3 People at the University of Virginia

A student Christopher Darnell Jones is suspected of a fatal shooting at the University of Virginia.

image credit: FOX 5 DC

In the shooting, 3 people dead, and 2 people were wounded late Sunday at the main campus of the school.

image credit: FOX 5 DC

UVA police started a manhunt in the school for the suspect Christopher Darnell Jones.

The police team entered the school by helicopter Monday morning. Christopher can be dangerous and armed.

According to the police, Christopher is wearing a burgundy jacket with blue jeans and red shoes.

UVA police tweeted Christopher's photo and requested to the citizens if anyone sees him, inform the police ASAP.

image credit: FOX 5 DC

The reason behind the violence is still not clear, police are trying their best to nab the culprit.

University officials have not identified the victims, The two wounded people are getting treatment.

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