Tragedy Strikes: 10 killed in Chinese New Year Shooting in California.

10 people were killed in a shooting at a Chinese New Year party in  southern California.

Gunman started firing at a party celebrating Lunar New Year.

“This terrifying happened at 10:20pm on Saturday” said Captain Andrew Meyers of the LASD.

Injured people were seen on stretchers being transported to ambulances in footage shared on social media.

The video showed police guarding cordoned-off streets around the scene of the shooting, which was reported to have occurred at a dance club.

About 10,000 people had gathered earlier that day for a 2-day Lunar New Year celebration.

Monterey Park, which is home to around 61,000 residents, has a majority Asian or Asian American population.

The United States faced a significant issue of gun violence, 647 mass shootings reported last year.